Nickel Sulphide Glass Breakage Containment

Prevent accidents from spontaneous glass breakage

Nickel Sulphide Glass Breakage Containment (spontaneous glass breakage)

Nickle Sulphide glass breakage causes the glass to shatter into pieces, which can injure both persons inside and out of the building, including pedestrians walking by as well as staff. An easy way to help contain the glass and prevent injury is install safety film to the outer or inner pane. We specialise in Nickle Sulphide Glass breakage Containment and we have installed our specialty films to many buildings in Ireland, nationwide.

Conservatory window films Performance

Llumar Conservatory window films can reject as much as 79% of unwanted solar energy, (which can mean a heat gain reduction of 71%), reduce solar glare by 83%, and block out 99% of harmful UV rays. Its use can typically reduce internal temperatures by as much as 6-8°C in a conservatory.

Llumar film comes in a range of finishes. Tinted film will subtly transform the appearance of the conservatory, while reflective films will give a more dramatic look. Or minimise the impact with neutral film, which will blend into carefully planned designs and colour schemes. Llumar Conservatory window film is the right choice for your conservatory.

LLumar Solar Control Exterior Window Films

LLumar Solar Control Window Films


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