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BM Glass Coatings continues to be the leading window film installers in Ireland

Window film is the cost-effective sustainable solution that upgrades existing window glass to reduce solar rays while saving up to 40% on energy bills

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BM Glass Coatings

The leading sustainable solution thats enhances glass aesthetics while saving up to 40% on energy costs, cutting carbon emissions and providing positive return on investment.

BM Glass Coatings continues to be the leading window film installers in Ireland, carrying out Nationwide installations to the highest possible standard, and conforming to all European Directives. 

Window film is the fastest most cost effective method to increase any companys sustainability reading and meet important environmental targets.

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At BM Glass Coatings, we pride ourselves as being the leading window film installers and suppliers in Ireland.

Over the past 25 years, we have carried out contracts to many high profile buildings throughout Ireland, providing a second to none professional service to architects, building managers and building contractors alike. Speak with one of our sustainability specialists to organise a free consultation and discover how our low cost solution can assist you.

We currently work with companies helping them to achieve their sustainability goals while saving costs.

Sustainability Focus

BM Glass Coatings stands out as the foremost provider of window film, offering an exceptionally cost-effective and sustainable solution for businesses. By opting for our window film, corporations can realize substantial savings of 30 to 40% in energy costs alone. This innovative solution guarantees that individuals within the building, including employees and customers, experience comfortable temperature levels in both hot and cold climates.

From urban skyscrapers to residential homes, showcasing our versatility and commitment to excellence. At BM Glass Coatings, we take pride in being at the forefront of innovation, offering a wide range of high-quality window films designed to enhance energy efficiency, security, and aesthetics.


Window film is ideal for old building conservation projects for several reasons to improve sustainability:

  1. Preservation of Historic Appearance: Window film allows for the preservation of the original appearance of historic windows, maintaining the architectural integrity of the building. 

  2. UV Protection: Many window films are designed to block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV radiation can cause fading and deterioration of historic materials, including furnishings and artwork. By reducing UV exposure, window film helps preserve the colour and condition of these elements.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Window film can enhance the energy efficiency of older windows by improving insulation. It helps regulate interior temperatures, reducing the reliance on heating or cooling systems. This is particularly important for conservation efforts, as it promotes sustainability and can be crucial in meeting modern energy efficiency standards.

  4. Protection of Interiors: Window film adds a layer of protection to the interiors of historic buildings by reducing glare and heat. This can be essential for preserving delicate materials, such as textiles, wood, and artwork, which may be adversely affected by excessive sunlight and temperature fluctuations.

  5. Safety and Security: Some window films provide safety benefits by holding shattered glass together in the event of breakage. This feature enhances the safety of occupants and helps protect valuable items inside the building.

  6. Regulatory Compliance: In many cases, conservation projects must adhere to specific regulations and guidelines. Window film offers a solution that meets both aesthetic and functional requirements, allowing for compliance with preservation standards.

  7. Cost-Effective Alternative: Window film provides a cost-effective alternative to full window replacement. It allows for the improvement of window performance without compromising the historic character of the building, making it a more budget-friendly option for conservation projects.

Sustainable Window Film Applications

UV Protection Window Film

Privacy Window Film

Residential Window Film

Nickel Sulphide Glass Breakage Containment

Spontaneous glass breakage

Energy Saving Solar Control

Facade Film

BM Glass Coatings are a proud resolve partner of the Accelerate Green program where they work with sustainable focused companies to create a greener future for everyone.

Pathfinder Programme

SEAI’s Pathfinder programme was set up in 2017. It builds on years of cooperation with forward-thinking public bodies to improve their energy performance and reach their targets.

Increasing ambition

Year on year, the Pathfinder programme has increased its ambition to deliver sustainable solutions to public sector bodies. Following the programme’s initial success, we are now trialling deeper retrofit and renewable heat solutions. This approach focuses on tackling decarbonisation of thermal demand towards our 2030 targets and sets a pathway towards net zero in 2050.

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Committed to creating a sustainable future for all.

BM Glass Coatings are in the process of obtaining B Corporation certification

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Elevating Experiences: Where Your Satisfaction is Our Priority – BM Glass Coatings
Exceptional Service! I recently had BM Glass Coatings install window films at my office, and the difference is amazing. The team was professional, efficient, and the end result exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend their services!

John M.

Dublin, Ireland

We have used BM Glass Coatings in our own offices where we had privacy, solar heat and glare issues, BM Glass Coatings were able to diffuse the light and create privacy in our show rooms and stop annoying solar heat and glare, in the offices…….solving all our office needs. As a leading supplier of Ergonomic products we highly recommend BM Glass Coatings to help when dealing with various aspects of glass treatments.


Director at Humanscale

BDA have worked with BM Glass Coatings on several projects in Dublin and London and always found them to be very professional, providing a high-quality service.


Managing Director at Billings Design Associates Ltd.